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Boondock Icons
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this is a community for Boondock Saints icons. i noticed that a lot of people have great Boondock icons but there wasn't really a place for them to share so i created this community. please READ THE RULES

*This is an ICON community so you should post boondock icons (icons of the actors are also acceptable).

Other Boondock Saints related mediums such as promotion banners, animations, color bars, pictures, screen caps, photo manipulations, tattoos, drawings and such are also welcome as long as they are under a well labeled LJ cut Tag. (see rule #1 for how to use the cut tag)

*although it isn't required to promote this community in other communities it would be nice. DO NOT promote in communites that ask you not to


1. Please only post one 'teaser' icon. when you post multiple icons use the lj-cut tag. if you don't know how to use the tag learn how here doing this will help keep everything organized and easy to read. this will also cut down the page loading time.

2. please number your icons. this makes it easy for people to tell you which icons the are taking.

3. this is an ICON community do not repeatedly post advertising for other communities. *once is ok but multiple posts will get you warned and ultimately banned* post advertisements for other communities under the lj cut with a label.

4. somewhere in your post please tell the members if they may use it or if it is jus for show, and if you want credit.

5. if you are using and icon you must give the person who created it credit (unless they specified otherwise) in your icon key words. [example- keyword: angry (created by {username of creator})]

6. DO NOT STEAL ICONS (see #5 for how to give credit)

7. if you want to use an icon please leave a post for the person who made it so they know who is using their icons

9. Report all icon theft to element_v and they will be banned email elementv13@aol.com put 'icon theft' in the subject box so it doesn’t get overlooked.